About the Talks

Since the publication of Younger This YearYounger Next Year for Women and Thinner This Year and several others, Chris Crowley has been in enormous demand as a keynote speaker for a wide range of audiences, from corporate executives (including many YPO groups), to Registered Financial Advisors and their clients (from Goldman Sachs to regional entities), to women’s groups, and to all the generals in the U.S. Marine Corps (a particular thrill).

Chris’s talks convey the essence of his books, with all the passion, optimism, eloquence and humor that have made them national best sellers and cult books.


Chris has been called one of the three best speakers in the country. He says that is largely because “the story is so important, such a joy to hear and so life-changing for so many.” There are two basic stories.


The Revolution In Aging Story for All Audiences. This story really is remarkable: You can completely eliminate 50% of the worst illnesses – heart attacks, strokes, a bunch of cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer’s (40%) – by making manageable behavioral changes which the talks and the books discuss. And you can put off 70% of all aging until near the end of life. Astonishing and true. No one has quarreled with those claims since the books first came out. Many doctors hand them out to their patients, routinely.


The “Pile of Gold” Story for Executives. Chris tells his corporate executives, “It’s less about aging, for you. It’s more about being radically more effective at any age – more energy, optimism, decisiveness, cognitive edge and sharply less stress and depression. Less sickness, back pain and absenteeism. Sharply lower medical expenses.”


Chris says:  “There is a massive pile of gold coins on every board room table in America. You just have to look down at what’s right in front of you, change the corporate culture a little…and scoop ‘em up.

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The Classic Talk

Hundreds of audiences have heard (and loved) this. Chris sets out the basic premise from the best-selling YOUNGER NEXT YEAR books: make some serious behavioral changes and you can put off 70% of aging till near the end of life AND permanently eliminate 50% of the most serious illnesses and accidents (heart attacks, strokes, most cancers diabetes etc). In an electrifying (but still funny) talk, he spins a radically new view of exercise, connectedness and “not eating crap.” A life changer.

The Executive Talk (For YPO’s, Executive Retreats, Associations, etc.)

The classic talk with this spin: The same deep behavioral changes that radically improve your quality of life after 40 make you a much more effective executive at any age: Significantly more energy, optimism, decisiveness, actual intelligence, and resistance to illness, stress and depression. Sponsors get their investment back in saved sick time alone; they get a huge return on sharply improved executive effectiveness.

Registered Investment Advisers and Their Client

There is simply no better way for advisers to tell their high-net-worth clients that they understand and care than mounting a Younger Next Year talk. Health and wellness are the most important thing to your clients, and this is the best talk there is on the subject. And it’s a fun night, lunch or whatever.